WHERE ARE ALL OF MY MATH GENIUSES AT!!!!!!!!1.)Factory workers test 80 batteries. Four batteries are defective. What is the experimental probability that a battery is defective?2.) Assume this trend continues. Predict the number of defective batteries in a batch of 1,600.3.)THERE ARE SIX OPEN CONTAINERS ARRANGED AS SHOWN. YOU TOSS A BALL AND IT FALLS INTO ONE OF THE CONTAINERS AT RANDOM. FIND EACH PROBABILITY. (ORDER OF NUMBERS IN A TRIANGLE: 123456)P(number greater than 4)P(even number)P(4)P(7)4.)a car comes in the colors and models listed in the table below. assume there is the same chance of selecting any color or model.silver hatchbackgray coupeblack sedanGive sample spacefind the probability that a car selected at random is silver hatchbackfind the probability that a car selected at random is yellow coupe5.)design a simulation that can be used to estimate the probability that a student will get at least 2 answers correct when guessing the answers to 3 true or false questions.6.)on average 9% of the packages delivered by a shipping company are late. use the random digits below as a simulation tool to estimate the probability that a customer can receive at least 4 packages without any being late. each row represents one trial.63 13 02 4151 44 40 60 25 63 84 1171 81 32 79 72 39 13 7510 85 99 9359 70 00 6851 64 94 0891 71 39 9570 27 23 61

Accepted Solution

nCr=8C2=28 coefficient28*p^2*q^6=.2965