The means and mean absolute deviations of the amount of rain that fell each day in a local city, last week and this week, are shown below. Means and Mean Absolute Deviations of Rainfall Last Week and This Week Last Week This Week Mean 3.5 in. 2.7 in. Mean Absolute Deviation 1.2 in. 0.5 in. Which expression compares the difference of the two means to this week’s mean absolute deviation?(A) 0.8/0.7(B) 2.7/0.7(C) 0.8/0.5(D) 2.7/0.5

Accepted Solution

                                        Last Week        This Week
Mean                                  3.5 in.                  2.7 in.
Mean Absolute Deviation   1.2 in.                  0.5 in

If this is what the table looks like, my answer is (C) 0.8/0.5

The difference of the two means to this week’s mean absolute deviation is?

The two means are 3.5 in and 2.7 in. The difference would be 3.5 - 2.7 = 0.8
This weeks' mean absolute deviation is 0.5 in according to the table.

So, 0.8 / 0.5 is the answer.