The first side of a triangle is 8 inches shorter than the second side. The third side is 4 times as long as the second side. The perimeter is 52 inches. What is the length of the longest side

Accepted Solution

Answer:The longest side is 32 inches longStep-by-step explanation:Let x represent the first sideSince x is 8 in shorter than the second side, we know that we'd need to add 8 to x to get the length of the second side. So the second side is x+8The third side is 4 times the length of the first side, so the third side is Β 4 x . Perimeter is the sum of the sides, so: Β ( x ) + ( x +8 ) + 4 x = 6 x + 8We also know that the perimeter is 566x+8=56 Subtract 86x=48 Divide 6x=8The three sides have length: 8, 16,and 32How to get 16x+8 x=8 so 8+8 which equals 16How to get 32It says the third side is 4 times the second side (s=second side)So 4xs 4x8=32