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Accepted Solution

Answer:1) element - a member of a set2) inequality - <, <, [tex]\leq[/tex], [tex]\geq[/tex]3) line graph - visual tool used to illustrate solution sets4) real number - positive or negative, rational or irrational numbers including                zero5) set - a collection or group of sets indicated by brackets, {}6) set builder notation - a shorthand way to write a setStep-by-step explanation:The definitions of each of the terms are as follows:Element: In a set, each member is called its element.Inequality: The term inequality is used to compare two values. The sign used for inequalities are <, <, [tex]\leq[/tex], [tex]\geq[/tex].Line graph: It gives the solution on a number line. This is the pictorial or visual representation of the solution.Real number: All numbers that are rational, irrational positive or negative values are called real numbers.Set: A set is a collection of data that are enclosed in two curly brackets. The data can be numbers, sets, etc.Set builder notation: It is a shorthand notation used to represent a given set. It defines the data inside the set using appropriate mathematical symbols.